Sunday, November 1, 2009

Today, I started to jump rope because I needed to exersice so I could be in top shape for tommorow because I need to use my best singing voice cause I have a concert that is coming up for me for chorus. With my chorus teacher, she picked out costumes for everyone for the concert. I got to be a santa girl in the concert which means that I get to throw snow flakes on my principal's head. It's a surprise and I can't tell him or else it wouldn't be a surprise anymore I like chorus because I have the best singing voice in the world. Yesterday I also got a new backpack for school cause the backpack that I have now, it was so hard to carry because it always got my hair stuck inside of it and then I had to carry around a really heavy backpack with buckle straps on there and it was a pain in the neck with me because I didn't enjoy that. last night when I went trick or treating it was pouring rain and my hair got all wet and soaked. I also got a gift certificate to a bowling alley. But it is all wet and ripped so I am letting it dry right now. I just had a snickers bar. I can't beleive that my hair got so soaked and wet last night. I am so glad that I have a new bookbag for school.