Saturday, June 5, 2010

enjoying waiting for grilled cheese

Humanling, waiting for a grilled cheese to be made for her tummy. No one hasn't answered her back yet, so now, she is writing this blog on her blogger acount. She cannot wait to eat because she is very hungry and thirsty and cannot wait any longer to eat. She is writing on her moms laptop (work laptop) and she is letting me use it. If she doesn't do it right, her mom will take the work laptop away for a month and will not get it back until her mom says so. Take her easy, she has a best friend named Fire Head. She has been my BFF since 2nd grade at my old school. Huminlings mom is getting ready to make her a grilled cheese. Huminling cannot wait any longer to eat. She and her best friend Fire Head have had several sleepovers. Humminling, however, has been dying to see Fire Head to go for a swim in her pool at her house in her backyard. Fire Head was in my class for 3 years now and our anniversary is coming up soon. When we go for a swim, sometimes, we have a swim race and Fire Head always beats me, but we are still good sports at it. Humminling has had a lot of sleepovers with her friend Fire Head. Today, Humminling went to "Once Upon a Child" to get her some new clothing. Fire Head, however, is at my old school in Bethel, Connecticut. I tried to call Fire Head today, but she didn't answer. not trying to be mean or anything to my best friend, I just had to call her Fire Head cause her hair is orange, and is the color of fire from the flame of a fire place or ig something is on fire.