Thursday, October 23, 2008

Super Cow Vampire

Super Cow Vampire of Stew leonards is a very new super vampire and a super cow of a hero at Stew leonards and he's my hero. I can tell because of his cape and his vampire teeth when we pass by him on the hay ride before the end of the ride on the back field of Stew leonards in Connecticut.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

bat lady

Halloween Bats Pictures, Images and Photos

Today at the library there was a bat lady with 2 alive bats and they were about this small. I took my classroom mascot named mittens and it was also my turn to take it home today. It really meant alot of things to me to learn about. one was named sonic and the other was named Bruce. I really like their names because sonic reminds me of the olympic games. and bruce is a good name because its a cute name and since its a boy it is really cool.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


My name is Humanling. this my first blog ever. I am 9 years old. my birthday is January 6th.

i got to take some pictures today at a Park. there are some boys at school that really gross me out. A couple weeks ago a boy in my class was chewing on his pencil while i was doing my work. and then on Friday a girl across from me put up her folders while we were doing our Mad Minutes in math time. It really annoyed me. And she was not very nice. She is like a bully at our school when it says... Be a friend... Not a bully! And she broke the rules. Her name is Bully /folder girl. My favorite game is Hungry, Hungry hipoos. the other day Bully/ folder girl told my friend to stop doing something when my friend was just falling right out of her chair or on her desk. Bully/folder girl is so enoying to everybody even me and everyone thinks that I am in the bad habbits and that is not what I am doing for a living. That is why I get real enoyed of that girl and I don't actully care for Bully/ folder girl because she is so weird and I do not like her anymore like I used to.

This is Azrael. She is my pet cat. Sometimes she eats all of my moms plants. but no matter what we all still love her. I am her owner and so is my mom. She is very cute because I took pictures of her today. and this one is my favorite.