Sunday, October 19, 2008


My name is Humanling. this my first blog ever. I am 9 years old. my birthday is January 6th.

i got to take some pictures today at a Park. there are some boys at school that really gross me out. A couple weeks ago a boy in my class was chewing on his pencil while i was doing my work. and then on Friday a girl across from me put up her folders while we were doing our Mad Minutes in math time. It really annoyed me. And she was not very nice. She is like a bully at our school when it says... Be a friend... Not a bully! And she broke the rules. Her name is Bully /folder girl. My favorite game is Hungry, Hungry hipoos. the other day Bully/ folder girl told my friend to stop doing something when my friend was just falling right out of her chair or on her desk. Bully/folder girl is so enoying to everybody even me and everyone thinks that I am in the bad habbits and that is not what I am doing for a living. That is why I get real enoyed of that girl and I don't actully care for Bully/ folder girl because she is so weird and I do not like her anymore like I used to.

This is Azrael. She is my pet cat. Sometimes she eats all of my moms plants. but no matter what we all still love her. I am her owner and so is my mom. She is very cute because I took pictures of her today. and this one is my favorite.


The Neighbor said...

Azrael is very cute. I have a cat named Myrtle who is also cute, but Myrtle is a tiny bit crazy.

Welcome to blogging!

Shades of Scorpio said...

Thank you very much for the coment of Azrael and we both have 1 thing in commen our cats are crazy and cute. Thanks Mr. Rogers and will you be my neighbor?

Shades of Scorpio said...

Ok this is Shades...that was actually the Humanling who wrote the Mr. Rogers comment.

Alan said...

I love your cat, Humanling! I used to have one and I miss it. She was mostly white, but she had grey and black patches on her head, and feet, and down her back like a saddleblanket. And her whole tail too. She looked as big as Azrael is.

What I love best about Azrael is how pretty her eyes look in her big grey face. And when I get to kiss cats (if they let me) I like to kiss them right on top of their heads, between their ears. They always flatten their ears down when I do that, as if they are clearing the way for me. Either that or they are mad for just a second. Haha!

It's good to meet you, Humanling!