Thursday, October 23, 2008

Super Cow Vampire

Super Cow Vampire of Stew leonards is a very new super vampire and a super cow of a hero at Stew leonards and he's my hero. I can tell because of his cape and his vampire teeth when we pass by him on the hay ride before the end of the ride on the back field of Stew leonards in Connecticut.


The Neighbor said...

Why does super cow wear such a silly hat? For a vampire cow, I mean.

This Guy said...

That is a very cool vampire cow! But I wonder what kind of milk he makes!! Its probably very scary milk!!!

Shades of Scorpio said...

Super cow vampire makes chocolate scary milk. Its full of dirt and worms. I am just kidding. Its full of scary milk silly string. When super cow vampire eats he eats raw hay with choclate covered hay. It might be gross but it does sound yummy. I hope he can come around next year for halloween to save the town from danger. He must be careful of what he does because he doesn't want to get hurt or traped.