Sunday, December 21, 2008


My essay is about goats. Did you know that goats make milk called goats milk? One time in preschool we went to the farm and I saw this goat and I called it a goaty goat. When I saw the goat it nibbled my clothes and my sun glasses. Goats are farm animals that live on a farm. When they are pregnant they have a baby goat and then they have a baby goat and then the baby is part of their family and then when the baby goat grows up it turns into a adult goat. A goat is friendly sometimes and sometimes they are not friendly. If they make goat milk don’t drink it plan because once you taste it plan it taste very bad. The goats all live on a farm and they are beautiful goats because when they are pregnant they go somewhere on the farm and then they have their baby goat and when they go to the farm the goats eat goat food. And that is my essay about goats. Thank you.

****Sidenote by Shades ****

Humanling is a I have to wonder if that has anything to do with the Goat thing today.

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