Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yucky belly

this morning I was going to the movies and when the movie started I didn't feel good because I ate some gummie bears, and I didn't eat that many gummie bears but my belly was still hurting. So me and my mom just left the movies and went shopping for a while and then I went home and read my magizane that I got at Stop and Shop. I felt rellly yucky this morning. Did you know that I am now allergic to corn, ketchup, and tomatoes? It is werid because normaily I don't have problems when I used to eat them. But now that I am allergic to corn, I can't have it anymore and that makes me really upset and sad because that means no more corn on the cob or no more ketchup and grilled cheesed sandwhiches. When I was out of the theater I played some Ms. Pac-man and Galaga and it was really fun but when I went back in the theater I was still not feeling good so I went to the bathroom and that helped but I felt like I was going to baref but I didn't.


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