Sunday, October 18, 2009

came back from my trip to Vermont

I just came back from my trip to vermont to go and see the rainbow play system. We stayed in a hotel for a few days just to relax and not clean. the next day, we went on go carts. It was fun, but we got dizzy after going really fast around in circles. Then we went back to the hotel and ordered breakfast and then after that we went swimming in the pool at the end of the hall. Then once we got out of the pool to get changed and dry, we went to the snack machine and got some kissables rainbow candy. Then, at 7:00 PM, we went back to our room and ordered spahgetti with extra cheese, and my friend with her niese who is 3. After dinner, we watched a little TV, and then @ 9:00 PM, we all took a bath,brushed our teeth and then went to bed. We went back home at 5:46 AM plane back. And that is my story of my trip to vermont.

By, humminling

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