Tuesday, December 15, 2009

V- Mail from Santa Claus::

Guess what?! Santa Claus emailed Huminling back and he sent her a V' mail which means a video for your mail. I am so happy and as usual I am back on the nice list ever since last christmas. In fiact, I got two of his V- mails. I have known him since I was a baby. Humminling is very happy that she has got an email from santa claus. Santa claus is the best ever. Christmas is coming and I am so happy because I amgoing to my uncle's house for a sleepover on Christmas day. With my two little cousins. There is only one problem when I go there. Whenever it is time for me and my other two cousins to go to sleep, my second little cousin wakes me and my first little cousin up and then we can barely sleep for the rest of the night until my uncle and my aunt take him into their room and not ours and then me and my first little cousin can sleep through the rest of the night. Whenever my little 2nd cousin sarts to wake up and scream, me and my other cousin put pillows over our heads so we can pretend that we don't hear the horrible screaming and crying at 12:00 AM. There is the part where I can't sleep. Then my aunt has to come in and take out the little screamer baby and take him into their room. Then me and my other cousin can sleep. This is the best night ever. See you later.



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