Monday, November 24, 2008

losing my new hat

My mom made the popcorn that I ate. She is the best cook ever. one time we were at Wallmart doing some shopping and I guess my hat fell off and I didn't notice it when it happened. My hat was purple because me and mommy got it at a craft fair. I was really worried if someone took it or threw it out. I am still worried about my special hat that I got at the craft fair. I was so upset because I was wondering if something was going to happen to it and maybe someone must have taken it home. I hope I find my new hat soon. So far I can't find it. where do you think it is? I hope my new purple hat is okay. My baby dolls name is Jenny and her birthday was a few weeks ago. she is wearing blue pajamas. and with a blue hat with a fancy little white bow on her pajamamas. She has goats milk in her mouth because I gave it to her one time and messed up her whole entire mouth on the inside. It was with choclate syrup and heavy cream. I don't really like goats milk because if you drink it plan it will taste like yucky and gross. Because I have had for a while and it tasted really bad. I am so exited to be back on my blog again.

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