Sunday, November 16, 2008

mad about my dad not calling me back

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I am so mad because my dad said he was going to call back when he was going to wake up but he hasen't called me back in a long time. That made me really upset. I kept calling and callin and calling him but no anwser all I got was his voice mail. it made me so upset. My dad lied to me about what he said last night. Anyway I had some hot chocolate with a melted candy cane.

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This Guy said...

Sometimes Dad's don't keep their promises. It's sad, and it makes us sad too. Sometimes they don't know that it makes us mad when they don't do things they say they were going to do.

I'm sure your mom has told you but there is a little lesson in everything we do. If I had to guess the lesson here would be for you to always be true to your word, which means to keep promises and not tell lies. Even little white lies can hurt sometimes.

You are a very smart young woman to be in touch with your feelings so well and very brave and strong to be able to express your feelings! :) You must make your mom very proud! :)