Saturday, December 4, 2010

Shoe Pain ( Pain in the neck)

Humminling is back online for business! Here is a story from yesterday, it is called, "The Day that Humminling got hit in The Head By a Shoe."

There I was, sitting with my best friend B on the school bus to go home. When all of a sudden, a shoe came flying in the air near my head, and boing! My head started to hurt really bad. It is not good for someone who has epilepsy to get hit by a shoe on the bus, especially me. I think I know who it came from... I think it was a boy I hate named Meanie. I wasn't doing anything bad, I was just talking to B, and then my head got hurt by a shoe and I started crying my head off, I went up and told the bus driver he talked to the kid who threw the shoe at my head and he said this... " Whoever threw this shoe at this little girl, is going to get detention for a week all next week and will write an essay about why you hit her in the head." I was in a lot of pain last night and I did not even eat dinner, I just watched the Polar Express and man, was it cool. I was feeling a little better when I was watching the movie, the next day, I was feeling all better and no more pain. The End. Good thing that I did not have to go to the Emergencia Room. I just got a really painful splinter.


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