Sunday, April 17, 2011

Axademic Study hall

Well, It looks like Humanling here has just got a letter in the mail yesterday saying that she is failing two or more courses and that now they are making her go to Academic study hall after school for 2 weeks. So basically, I am only going for nine days, and that is it. You are not allowed to talk, giggle, draw,, doodle, or leave the room unless short of an emergency. Here, I will write you down the letter that they gave me. "Dear Parent/Guardian: Please be advised that your child, Humanling, has failed two(2) or more courses during this marking period. Your child will attend after school Academic Study Hall in order to remain eligible to participate in extra curricular activites, which includes sports, clubs, dances, movie nights, etc. This policy is explained on Page 6 of the Student Handbook. Students who are academically inelgible must attend Academic Study hall after school . They will have a two week grace period in order to get their grades up to passing. If they do, they will then be considered eligible for extra curricular activites. If they do not, then they will continue to go to Academic Study Hall until it ends and will be ineligible to participate until the next reporting period. Please refer to thr contract attached for specific information on the Academic Study Hall Rules.

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