Thursday, April 14, 2011

Meany Pants Turns into Mr. Nice Guy

Hey there~ Its me, Humminling. I haven't written any blogs at all for like a long time. So, today, a kid in my class named Meany Pants, now turns into Mr. Nice Guy. It all started when I was just upstairs doing my work, when my teacher gave me and Mr. Meany Pants a jolly rancher. I asked him how his jolly rancher was, and then he asked me how was mine, and I said yummy. So after the bell rang, me and Mr. Meany Pants walked by the water fountain and asked him, "Do you want to be my friend?" And then, he said "sure"! So now he turned into Mr. Nice Guy. ANd he said that he really means it. Back then, we hated each other, but now, we like each other. I asked him if he wants to hang out with me in the summer sometime. He says maybe which is a good answer. I told him that he cannot say any annoying jokes or be mean to me anymore and he says okay, but he said my shoe was untied, and then he said that he was just kidding. So, when I noticed that his shoe lace was undone, I told him to watch out for his shoe lace. So now, we are BFF. That is all for my blog for tonight. Humminling

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