Sunday, October 2, 2011

2 Year Bully In School


sorry I haven't blogged in a long time. Anyways, today's title is, "2 Year Bully In School". You see, the reason I have wrote this title is because that there is a bully in my school and he has been bullying me for 2 years now, and I cannot take it anymore. He is a pain in the butt! He has been doing the following things to me...

  • cutting in front of me at the water fountain and in fire drills

  • laughs at me whenever I start crying in class

  • says, "You owe me $5 bucks

  • says bad things to me

  • still mad at me for getting him lunch detention

Man, what is wrong with him?! What did I do wrong to him? Everyday, I ask him this, "Are you still mad at me?" And then this is what he said,"No, but I am furious at you." He is so mean. And everyday in class, he makes mean faces at me. I do not like him at all. He should be in regular detention. He should also be suspended from school. My teacher did not know about what had happened on Wedensday between me and the bully. He kept throwing carrots at me and then he made me drop my lunch. My metal lunch container spilled half of my lunch on the floor, and the lid was open. I should have closed it before he made me drop it. Then, I had to go and sit in the office to finish my lunch. And do you know who was in there? That's right. The bully. My teacher says that he is like this to everyone in 7th grade. I do not like him. I never liked him ever since 6th grade when he moved here. I had to sit right across from him in class. I also had to sit across from him in the office. He kept saying really mean stuff to me. That's when I started crying to myself because he was being so mean to me. Finally, the lunch lady asked why I was crying. I just said, "I just want to go outside!" Then, the lunch lady let me go outside to hang out and calm down. I stopped crying when I went outside. I forgot my sunglasses at home. So of course, I had to stay in the shade. My friends could tell that something was wrong. One of my friends had blond hair, and she gave me a hug, and so did a girl who had dark brown hair with glasses. Some of the girls gave me a hug. I felt a little better as I was getting hugs from my best friends. They always tell when something is wrong between me and the bully. They can tell because of my tears whenever I start crying. I always feel bad and ashamed to myself whenever the bully does something mean to me. Well, forget about the bully for right now. I have to go now. Post whenever you can.


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