Tuesday, October 11, 2011



My father just fell down the stairs yesterday and he is still in the hospital. But anyways, I made the bully a gift on Sunday and I worked so hard on it, but today, the bully did not accept it from me. I was so upset, that I just felt like crying after that. I am so tired and sad. Guess what? The following things are going good...

  • I just got my ears pierced

  • I worked hard on the gift for the bully

The following things are going bad...

  • My teacher hates me

  • I hate school

  • nobody likes me (Except Larry and his brother Joseph)

  • I am doing bad in school

I so hate school. Well, not really. I only like school because of my friends, not the teachers. I mean, why do the teachers make you do work, when you can just sit around and do nothing but talk. In technology on Friday, we got to just sit around and talk. But of course, since I couldn't concentrate on reading, I had to keep turning around to tell my boy friends to be quiet so I can read. Turns out that didn't work. At least the period was only 16 minutes long. The bully has now turned into Mr. Nice Guy to me. It is weird. I have to go now.


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